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Since my partner and co-owner "O" was in prison serving a 10 year sentence, he has been discussing entrepreneurial ideas. As a matter of fact, since before his sentence, when we would be hanging out in his friends Baltimore apartment, we would discuss dreams and aspirations. I personally think of ideas for businesses every now and then, some of which seem crazy and some which seem sure to reach success and fortune. However something is always different when "O" and I discuss dreams and goals. Something special and almost magical arises from our conversations. Discussions of dreams with "O" may merely be ideas, but something about him makes them feel obtainable and real. 

Throughout his sentence, he would discuss this idea to have a  clothing company together. Not only have his cellmates told me about him constantly discussing this idea, he came home still discussing it. I remember one day right after he was released, we took the laptop, went to Panera with a fresh notebook (which we still have) and some new ballpoint pens, (because who doesn't LOVE writing with a nice pen?!) and we had our first business meeting! We started researching and planning the structure of the business and then ...... nothing. I guess life happened on top of me slacking with learning how to use the graphic design software. That was in 2016. 

"O" has NEVER stopped believing in this business and he has never ever stopped believing in me as a person. After years of real dreams but no actual action, he stayed on top of the fact that had this idea... this vision. And finally we put it into motion. Slowly designs started being created and before you know it, samples started arriving. Things really started to take shape. I watched this man go from discussing this idea in PRISON for 7 years, to giving me shit for not playing my position on the back end, to now, turning his life around to focus on his own company. This has been a journey to say the least, but one thing is for certain; I have watched him since he was 22 years old. I have watched him at his worst, I have watched him struggle and I even have watched him fail... but NOW, to watch him be so passionate, positive and focused on this business that was once an idea in his head is beyond me! 

I can't tell you how proud I am of you making SUCH an enormously positive change! This is perfect in its own way and you are amazing in the way that you have remained so TRUE to yourself and to your word... to your dreams and to your belief in me (ALWAYS)!!! I am proud of you and you are PROOF that people CAN change. UATW!



  • Ahh WOP yak bruh do ur thing brody, if nobody else I got ur bck👌🏾

    SKAM on

  • Congrats on the journey young hometown entrepreneur! You are an incredible success story. Stay focused. Stay hungry. Keep doing the work. Your shirts and designs are dope! So very happy for you!

    Julius on

  • Never let your past dictate your future . I think It’s dope how your ambitions never wavered. Keep driving forward and the success u deserve will happen

    Dale Rojas on

  • I love the passion and drive that you two have! All the success in the World to you!

    Rachel on

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