HOMELESS TO CEO - A Young Mother Does the Unthinkable

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Built on the grounds of mistakes, lessons learned the hard way and the heart and soul of individuals who have the potential to be GREAT but have failed…. BRGNDY BRVND is apparel made for YOU.

About 3 weeks ago, we published our first blog post, paying homage to co-owner “O” in, From Prison to President. We learned about his tenacity and ambition. His ability to stay strong in an environment known to break men (and women). But what about the other half of the company? Here is a glimpse in to the other 50% makeup of BRGNDY BRVND – Morgan.

Troubled, lost and against the grain is how some family members view Morgan. Someone who must touch the stove herself, despite being told it’s hot. But to those who know her best, those few people whom she allows into her circle, Morgan is a free spirit, a good soul and someone who refuses to live by the expectations or happiness of anyone but herself. Morgan is full of ambition and despite the uproar of tragedy she’s overcome, she remains resilient, strong and true to herself.

Stubborn… did I mention stubborn? At 8 months pregnant, 20 year old Morgan finally revealed to her family that she wasn’t in fact gaining 80 random pounds in her stomach… she was pregnant. Her Mother, who she lived with was hurt. She couldn’t stand to watch Morgan struggle as she did raising her 2 daughters. Her other side of the family was disgusted. Morgan and her sister lived with their mother and were closer than most… they were one. Experiencing divorce & watching their mother struggle financially was hard but drew them closer. One thing is for certain, Stephanie LOVED HER GIRLS and no matter what ALWAYS maintained a healthy, happy household; from laughing and joking (with their mothers sometimes inappropriate sense of humor) to eating a candlelit dinner at the table together - listening to Earth Wind & Fire every single night… they had an unbreakable bond and the 3 of them together is all they knew.

On Sunday, October 26th at around 4:30am, Morgan and her sister work up as their mother was having a massive stroke that left her unresponsive and in a coma. Within 48 hours Morgan’s mother had passed. Just 3 weeks after Morgan revealed she was 8 months pregnant. Morgan and her sisters life had literally passed. But as if their mother had been preparing them for such tragedy, they knew they had to go on. Only things went from being comfortable to quite agonizing. As Morgan’s sister was embraced and consoled Morgan was pregnant, unemployed and unwed. Without going into too much detail, she was unwanted and her family refused to take her in. So without time to dwell, Morgan and “O” scrambled up enough money to be able to afford an apartment in a very undesirable part of Baltimore City.

Morgan gave birth to the chunkiest, sweetest 9 pound baby boy who was the love of their life. Morgan was able to focus on her baby rather than focus on the death of her mother but still was deeply depressed and unmotivated. Their living conditions were poor, going from having her own vehicle and living with her mom and sister, to now living in a mice and roach infested basement apartment. It was awful. AGAIN – without getting into too many details, “O”, who had been doing whatever he could to now support Morgan and their baby boy, was arrested. Morgan was on her own again, but now with a baby. She packed herself and her sweet 6 month old baby up and moved to New Jersey, where “O” was from. Homeless and with no support, she was granted shelter in the form of a rundown motel, with a mini fridge and microwave. But it was shelter, and it was home.

For several months, she would come to find work and use any resources available to enroll her son in daycare, eat and survive… if it meant taking public transportation to get her son to daycare and walk to work, she did it. Even alone, homeless, with no support system, Morgan went into survival mode. Whatever Motel in New Jersey that Morgan Called, "home"she had to do to ensure that her child was ok and to ensure that she was improving herself, Morgan did it. Eventually Morgan’s other side of the family saw that Morgan was not the typical young, unwed mother. Morgan was determined, ambitious and above all, was a wonderful mother. She provided phenomenal care to her son and was doing whatever she had to do to improve her situation so that her child would grown in a loving and stable home. Her family realized that they were wrong in abandoning her at such a hard time, they realized how strong, ambitious and determined she was and it led to them offering to help. She temporarily moved into their home in Baltimore, where they would get to know and fall in love with Morgan’s son. They certainly did love this little boy and over the next several years, would help Morgan and her son as did O's family.

Upon Morgan’s return to Baltimore, MD, she worked her way up at Nordstrom into a management position, she earned her real estate license, she even  worked for her father’s company for many years. Morgan continued to dibble and dabble from one job to another, never truly feeling passionate about her career. She yearned to own her own company and wouldn’t stop until she did. Throughout the time that co-owner “O” went to prison in 2009, to the time he came home from prison in 2016, Morgan would maintain a close relationship with him, speaking with him multiple times each day and visiting him the maximum allowed times every single week, even if it meant driving 90 minutes into the MD mountains each way. Morgan has always had a strong bond and love for “O”.  From sitting on the phone and in visits, discussing entrepreneurial ideas, to creating business plans. They believed in each other so much that now, after waiting for him to be released, they have built and launched BRGNDY BRNVD from the ground up. Morgan struggled a lot, “O” struggled a lot… but they stayed strong. Morgan never let(s) her current situation nor ANY outsider play a role in her determination to succeed. She didn’t need the approval of her family, she doesn’t care about the criticism and doubt of naysayers. NONE of that matters. What matters, is that Morgan KNOWS who she is and believes in herself! And though she rests in heaven, Morgan’s biggest supporter, her mother, would have told her, “I know you can do it”… and so she does.

A MESSAGE TO THE DREAMERS, to anyone who struggles, to those facing hard times, it doesn't matter how difficult, you ARE capable of greatness. If you can put your mind to something, you can do it. Eliminate doubt, protect your energy, believe in yourself and GO FOR IT! You've got this!




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  • Mor, your passion is undeniable. Your commitment to growing this brand and creating a platform to share your story is something to be proud of. I love you.

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